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We are attending the Zenith Aircraft hangar days in Mexico MO September 21 - 22

For info about builders assist or quick build kits:  Email or call us.

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Aeolus-Sense 3C is the first device in the market with wired connection to the Android smartphone/tablet through USB cable and while simultaneously charging. 

All the functionality of the 3B but wired.

This free version has all features of A-EFIS,  The only limitation is the interface which is in black and white. THIS FREE VERSION TURNS FULL COLOR ONCE CONNECTED TO THE AEOLUS SENSE UNIT !!

​​​Aeolus Sense 3B is a sensor box which contains all the necessary sensors needed by A-EFIS for accurate and reliable operation.
The interface can be any smartphone or tablet, regardless of the native sensors.

Aeolus Flight Recoder

​Aeolus Sense 3C


Aeolus Flight Recorder is a data recorder that records all flight data from an Aeolus-Sense device in a usb stick.

Aeolus Sense 3B