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Now offering 2 weeks to Taxi progam for Zenith aircraft models. Building slot available as soon as November 2018 for more info and pricing:  Email or call us.

Aeolus Flight Recorder

​$ 569.-

Aeolus Flight Recorderconnects via wifi to our Aeolus-Sensesensor box and records the following information in a text file:

Aircraft attitude (Roll-Pitch-Yaw)
Rotational speeds around three axes
GPS location, altitude, bearing and speed
Barometric altitude

The text file with the flight data can be opened/viewed with any text editor/spreadsheet program  or can be opened on any windows computer using the provided (free) desktop software.

In addition to reviewing/replaying the flight data, our software offers the following functionality:

A GUI similar to the A-EFIS app where the user can check the indication of the aircraft’s instruments at any recorded time instant
Ability to quickly jump to any point in time or to customize playback using common media controls.
Ability to define the working envelope of the aircraft and then quickly view/jump to violations (e.g. overspeed, maximum G, not permuted aerobatics, etc) (play, pause, fast forward, reverse, etc). 

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